Our Team

Nikkeia Lee

Nikkeia is a facilitator, consultant, and presenter for a variety of organizations including colleges and universities, religious institutions, non-profits, and businesses in understanding race, developing equitable practices, and maintaining dynamic communities. Nikkeia is also the founder and Managing Director of The Possibility Project-Charlotte, an organization empowering generations of engaged community leaders using the vehicles of the performing arts and community action. A graduate of Queens University, Nikkeia has worked with individuals and groups for over 20 years to expand their catalogue of ideas, to value the art of collaboration, and to find innovative solutions to a myriad of interpersonal, community, and cultural topics.

Rev. Jason Williams

Jason is a pastor, organizer, and trainer. After receiving an MDiv from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Jason spent almost a decade in grassroots urban education under the tutelage of residents of the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina. For over 20 years, Jason has worked with faith-based non-profits. Currently, Jason is co-pastor with his wife, Joanie, at Hood Memorial Christian Church and co-Chair of the Christian Church of North Carolina’s Ant-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation Commission. Through preaching, speaking and facilitation, Jason focuses on topics that connect race, poverty, theology, leadership, agriculture, and spirituality.