RISE! – Race: an In-depth Spiritual Examination


RISE! is designed to equip and support spiritual leaders, faith-based organizations, and religious institutions to recognize, confront, and challenge racism and cultivate an equitable future.


Our two-day workshops teach participants to analyze and understand the legacy of race and racism within the United States. The training curriculum consists of core concepts from national anti-racism organizing models. Through activities and reflection, our multi-racial facilitation team will provide attendees with useful tools to unearth racism as it is embedded within communities of faith. Emphasis is given towards infusing race consciousness in religious education, worship, and community service. Our goals are to help participants face the present-day reality of racism and to increase their capacity for change.  Every workshop is interactive and includes presentation, discussion, and audio-visuals for multiple learning styles.

  • For Christian communities, we examine race theologically through Biblical exegesis and the history of Christianity within the United States.
  • For Interfaith groups, we examine race by focusing on a variety of religious perspectives, sacred texts, and spiritual practices.


  • Pre-Workshop Organizational Assessment
    • Designed to explore an organization’s background with, awareness of, and need for addressing race and racism
  • Two-day (16-hour) Workshop (up to 40 participants)
    • Topics covered include:
      • Implicit bias and its impact on our daily decision-making and behaviors
      • The impact of race upon culture and identity
      • The history of race in the US and its implications today
      • A common language and strategic framework for pursuing equity within your organization
  • Post-Workshop Consultation
    • Designed to incorporate workshop concepts and learning into organizational practice

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